Printed shirts

Printed shirts will not be available to buy at the conference, they will need to be ordered in advance, they’re printed to order.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the online J4MB clothing store. We’re starting with polo shirts and T-shirts, bearing the logo of the London conference on the front (polo shirts also available printed on the back, email me [email protected] if you’d like us to add T-shirts printed on the back):

151106 ICMI16 FINAL

We’ve just taken delivery of a printed polo shirt, and we’re pleased with the quality of both the garment and the printed logo. A number of points:

– the shirts are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours.
– there are different garment shapes for men and women, reflecting the different shapes of men and women. We’ll have none of that unisex mullarky in the J4MB store.
– we strongly recommend you watch a short video (1:34) on selecting the right size, before ordering.
– polo shirts are available in either 100% cotton or polycotton, T-shirts in 100% cotton only.
– if you order more than one shirt at a time, the postage and packaging costs for shirts after the first one are dramatically reduced, to £0.60 (UK addresses). Orders can consists of a variety of garment types, sizes and colours.
– the shirts are printed to order by clothes2order, a major company in this field, based in Manchester. You will be placing your order with this company, rather than with J4MB.
– in the unlikely event you’re unhappy with your order for any reason, please raise the matter with the company in the first instance. Let us know if you’re unhappy with their proposed resolution.
– shipping is available worldwide.
– the price includes a donation of £1.00 to support our work.

Email me ([email protected]) if you’d like other products added to the store, e.g.:

– other garments
– other designs e.g. the J4MB party logo, ‘This is what an anti-feminist looks like’…
– logo on the back of the shirt, rather than the front