Registration, ID

From 08:30 – 10:00 each morning of the conference, security badges and lanyards can be collected at a desk to the right as you enter the CentrEd conference centre, on presentation of a document confirming proof of your identity. The document need not bear your photograph. You will need to present your security badge each time you wish to enter the conference room, or adjacent room. Your security badge and lanyard must be worn visibly at all times when attending the conference.

At 10:00 registration will transfer to the room adjacent to the conference room.

To avoid excessive queues, we would urge you to arrive for your security badge well before 10:00. You’ll be able to buy tea, coffee, and other soft drinks, as well as biscuits, in the room adjacent to the conference room. Two mineral water stations will be maintained throughout the conference, in the same room.